General description

Cold rolled materials refer to HRP&O rolls that have been cold reduced and annealed. The thickness has higher precision compared to hot rolled steel. The surface is also less porous and cleaner, with improved forming properties. The main uses are in automotive parts, appliances, lighting fixtures, and furniture.

Galvaprime offers the marketing and transformation of two types of supply in this class of steel:

Annealed/Tempered: Cold rolled steel subjected to a heat treatment process to regain the appropriate ductility for subsequent operations (forming, bending, stamping, etc.).

Special Annealed Steel: Material suitable for enamel processing in its final use.

The grades that are cut to range from a steel CS to DDQ or IF.

RF/CR 0.018″-0.100″ 1.00″-72.75″Comercial, DS, DDS, EDDS, HSLA, SS