Prepainted steel refers to carbon steels, such as CR (Cold Rolled), GZ (Galvanized), GN (Galvannealed), among others, that undergo a painting process followed by baking.

The more layers of coating applied to the steel, the more effectively it retards oxidation on its raw material substrate.

The “Coil Coating” process is a continuous method of applying a coating onto a metal coil, providing both protection and decoration to the metal, both on the interior and exterior.

Different types of painted steels exist based on their intended use. A vivid example is painted steel used in the White Goods market. The expectations for this steel include a long-term perfect appearance coating and high chemical resistance to acidic agents such as cleaners and detergents, as well as alkaline substances like tomato
sauces, mustard, vinegar, herbs, spices, and other common household substances.

Galvaprime has the capability to handle, distribute, and process painted steel according to market requirements, including applications in the White Goods, automotive, and industrial sectors.

PP 0.018″-0.074″1.00″-60.00″CS, DS, DDS